In the worst of times consider this, to have survived this far you have lived through all that life threw your way. In the worst of times, you can use this memory to make tomorrow better and well worth striving for. If the worst of times are right now, all you need to do is remember if you survive today, tomorrow is a blank canvas waiting for you to colour it in. Will you colour it grey and misty held back by sorrowful memories, or paint it as it is lived, at its best, bright, jolly, and one day at a time. Alex Anderson, member of the Bugle

And so begins another theme for the Bugle group who produce a magazine of artwork and writing four times a year. Forty Four issues old the group continues to meet.  Teas, coffees and laptops are set up by the group and the heating’s turned up to full blast. The ideas whirl and the keyboards click and clack away. It’s a welcoming place of mutual affirmation and appreciation for each person’s work and creativity. Everyone brings with them and gladly shares their own recognisable style. Contented and thankful, at times the group speak of their experiences in the past, but mostly about their appreciation the here and now.