One of our loyal volunteers, Selina Sode-Woodhead, shares her experience of what it was like to help out on our Gullane retail shop.

“Volunteering with Bethany was a great experience.  I developed many skills from this experience, from working in the front of the shop and on the till to understanding the basics of sorting, pricing, display and selling. The staff and volunteers are also so lovely and friendly. I will definitely miss it.”

Selina helped out mainly on Saturday afternoons for a full year in Gullane, one of Bethany’s several retail shops. Her commitment to the team and the overall running of the shop was evident to the rest of the staff.

Ann Hay, Retail Manager of Bethany’s retail shop in Gullane, said:

Selina was really keen to learn. She was always cheery, and friendly with staff, colleagues and customers and donors. Her enthusiasm in being involved in this shop’s work was very clear and her warmth was infectious.

We hope that Selina’s experience volunteering at Bethany will give her the tools she needs as she continues with her studies.