In light of research recently released by Crisis and Heriot Watt University about the crisis of rough sleeping facing Britain’s future, we believe that we have a resolve that radical action is required to turn the tide.

“At Bethany, we work to prevent homelessness; we also provide homes and support for people to sustain meaningful lives; and crucially we intervene in crisis to lift people out from the desperate existence of sleeping rough on the streets. In view of the current crisis of rough sleeping levels in Edinburgh, with no signs of reduction, we will be aiming to develop support for a longer term Care Shelter that operates potentially up to year round as a centre of Christian compassion and excellence; offering as it does already, overnight shelter, warmth, care, safety, dignified catered meals, advice & support, inter-agency partnership, and on-site access to relevant services to support people out of homelessness.”

Alasdair Bennett, Director of Operations at Bethany Christian Trust

To learn more about the Care Shelter, read the full annual report here.