“Do I uproot my kids or stay in this abusive marriage?” – This was the dilemma Kat faced as she tried to make a decision about the future of her children.

It was a tough choice. Leaving, she thought, would be selfish. After all, the family lived in a large house in an affluent part of town. The children were happy at school and, at least, he wasn’t beating them.

But one day, after another violent outburst, she concluded they had had enough and left the family home with the children. She registered as homeless and got a place in a B&B. It was hard. She had to take the children out of school in case their dad found out where they lived.

The B&B was only provided as an emergency. Kat’s housing officer asked her to start bidding for council housing. She couldn’t find anything suitable.

In the next few months the family moved to another three B&Bs. Kat was wracked with guilt. Her kids only went to school intermittently; they missed their friends and the comfort of their old life. Kat often wondered if she should go back to her husband for the kids’ sake, they needed stability, even if it meant her own safety would be at risk.

Thankfully Kat was referred to Ruth, our support worker, who helped her see that the situation would get better once she got a flat. As well as giving her emotional support, Ruth advised Kat throughout the Council bidding process and helped her with the rental paperwork. Kat eventually got a suitable flat. The children are settling in their new school and for the first time in years, Kat feels safe at home.

Kat is just one of the many mums who live in temporary accommodation today. We want to be there to help them. Please join us in giving hope to those mums in need. We can only do it with your support.

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