Many rough sleepers haven’t had to wait for Halloween to live in the land of the dead.

With no place to call home, many settle in places such as Greyfriars Kirkyard or St Cuthbert’s graveyard. It’s a sad indictment of our society when people have no choice but to find refuge where we bury our dead.

What’s sadder is that when it’s their turn to pass away, many are so destitute and isolated that they are given what’s called a “Pauper’s Funeral”. Edinburgh has paid for over 700 of these no-frills funerals since 2010.

It is interesting that in 2016 we should still use the word “pauper”, a 13th-century term, to refer to people who die homeless and abandoned. It might be a reflection of how little progress we’ve made as a society with regards to homelessness.

With your help, however, we believe we can bring them back in the land of the living. We can see them overcome the challenges that life has thrown at them. We can see them thriving, connected to friends and to their community. That’s something we simply cannot do without your help.