Leading up to Volunteers Week (1-7 June) we are launching our 10 Ways You Can #makeyourmark campaign to talk about the importance of volunteering.

We sat down with Lynne Armstrong, our Volunteers Business Partner, who spoke to us about why volunteering is so important and mentioned a few ways how our Bethany volunteers are making their mark and helping us end homelessness in Scotland.

How vital is volunteering to the function of Bethany as a charitable organisation?

I think Bethany would look very differently today if it weren’t for the contribution of all our fantastic volunteers who get behind the vision, mission and values of Bethany to see Scotland changed for good and lives transformed. Volunteering is absolutely paramount to the work we do; we simply could not operate as we do without our volunteers. Volunteering enables Bethany to draw on a wider range of resources and skills, to expand the services we provide and to have a greater impact.

How many volunteers give their time and talent to serve Bethany?

Each year Bethany engages with between 2,500 and 3,000 volunteers approximately. The beauty about volunteering is that everyone can get involved (on a regular or one-off basis), and so it attracts a wide range of people from all different backgrounds. It really is amazing to see how many people come forward to give of their time, resources and skills, and this is why we want to appreciate and celebrate the contribution of our volunteers this Volunteers’ Week.

Why is volunteering an important thing to do?

I believe that volunteering is important because it gives people in our communities, and everyone we support at Bethany, a way to express themselves, be heard, be part of something bigger, make a difference and help others. It also provides an opportunity for people to use their expertise, develop their skills and grow in confidence. I have been privileged to see how volunteering can be a stepping stone to securing a job, and the impact this has on their entire life. Volunteering can be transformative, and this is ultimately why I do what I do.


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