Meet Ewan. This 11-year-old Glasgow boy copes with challenging family circumstances and had been displaying worrying behaviours at home and at school.

He was referred to Bethany to attend one of our Hopscotch Holidays last summer. It provides children with a week away of fun and activities with Bethany staff and volunteers and is solely aimed at children who will not otherwise get the chance to go on holiday.

Our staff were warned that, for Ewan, violent outburst and melt-downs were a frequent occurrence. However, during his whole holiday week in the Highlands Ewan’s behaviour was exemplary, thoroughly enjoying having a break from his everyday challenges. He won numerous awards for his helpful attitude and eagerness to participate in every activity.

A little while after the holiday the Bethany team follows up with the families involved. Only then did it transpire that, unbeknown to authorities, Ewan had been acting as a young carer for his mum and younger siblings. The strain of this responsibility had clearly been taking its toll and was the reason for the boy’s challenging behaviour.

Ewan’s mum admitted that they were in desperate need of help for Ewan. Bethany were able and happy to support the family and after just a few weeks, mum is reporting improved behaviour and a totally different atmosphere at home since meeting with Bethany staff.

The support continues thanks to your donations!

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