Bethany Christian Trust runs a drop-in clinic on the Whitesands in Dumfries in a building which has recently been transferred to its ownership from Christian Care for the Homeless.

1 Before - drop in dumfriesThe drop-in facility has undergone a major refurbishment thanks to the generosity of Scottish Enterprise and money donated in memory of Libby MacFadzean, who had been a faithful volunteer in the Drop-In for many years.

The drop-in provides a safe and friendly environment, as well as free refreshments and support, for in excess of the average 270 people who make use of it around 2600 visits a year. The refurbished space provides a comfortable and bright environment for those who make use of it and Bethany’s hope is that it will show that we care for and respect them as individuals who deserve that respect.

Since the reopening, the people who use the service have been overwhelmed with the difference and have commented on how comfortable and welcoming the drop-in has become. The volunteers have also said that it is a good environment to work in.

The people who use the service have said how much they appreciate the care that has gone into the drop-in to create a comfortable environment for them and they are not used to receiving such a high level of care from any organisation. They feel valued and respected due to the amount of time and trouble that has gone into the refurbishment of the drop in.