One day can change anyone’s life. A catastrophic event can take someone’s life down a path they never imagined possible. One day can also provide that first stepping stone towards a brighter future.

One day I lost hope.

David admits that during his teenage years, his relationship with his parents was strained. “I was fun-loving, would get into a little bit of trouble. Just a typical teenager.” After an argument with his mother he was asked to move to his grandparents.

Here was the woman who was supposed to love me no matter what but she rejected me.

Sadly things were no easier at his grandparents, and this relationship also broke down. At this point David felt his life had no hope and he attempted to commit suicide. David was now suffering from severe depression and had nowhere to stay.

In March 2016, at 17 years old I found myself homeless. You lose who you are. The fun-loving teenager disappeared and I became what people perceived me to be.

Any sense of self-worth David had crumbled away.

One day I reconnected with my family and got a job.

On the 3rd November 2016, David was referred to Bethany Christian Trust’s Housing Support Unit, Kharis Court. Support workers helped David turn his room into a home and decorate his space. David began to understand what “home” meant.

Being at Kharis Court helped me to think things through with regards to my relationships with my Mum and Dad and Grandad. The Bethany workers helped me see things differently and make changes.

David’s mental health improved and his self-belief started to re-emerge. Seeing others so willing to help motivated him to look at turning his life around. “I was encouraged to get in touch with my Uncle and he helped me contact my family. At Christmas and New Year I went to their homes for a proper sit-down meal.” David has since moved on from Kharis Court and has gone on to find a job.

If it wasn’t for the support at Bethany I wouldn’t be with my family, I wouldn’t have had the motivation or confidence to get this job.

David’s story is very much an Easter story, one of renewed hope and restoration. With Bethany’s support anyone can find a new direction in life. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge. We are inviting you to donate one day of your life to change someone’s tomorrow. Whether it’s volunteering, or donating a day’s wages, your generosity will give hundreds of people that chance to start afresh.

Thank you.

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