Bethany stepped in when I needed help after I found myself in a difficult situation.

In 2016, I lost my job and I started to drink heavily as a misguided way to cope with my circumstances. I wasn’t handling life particularly well: I stopped opening my mail, I hadn’t paid my rent and I was subsequently evicted from my home. I was placed in two different BnB’s where I could stay for a temporary length of time however this was far from ideal. I was kicked out of the first BnB because I was involved in a road accident where I was run over and was treated in an ambulance; however, this meant that I missed my curfew so I was left to find another place to sleep. I was informed by the Council that because I had failed to pay my rent, I had intentionally made myself homeless; and after a lengthy and very stressful appeal process which resulted in the decision being overturned, I was offered a place at Bethany House.

I was a resident at Bethany House for just short of 1 year, after having lived in BnB’s for 3 months. Staying at Bethany House was a very positive experience for me. The staff and volunteers were a lovely group of people and treated me with dignity and respect. Not only did they provide with me safe accommodation, but Bethany helped me regain the skills I needed to stay in my own tenancy again and even gave me new opportunities I probably wouldn’t previously had access to. I was able to go on holiday to Aviemore with other residents from the house where I had the opportunity to forget about some of the struggles I was dealing with and the fact that I was homeless, even if only for just a couple of days. Not only that, I was encouraged to use my skills and desire to help others by volunteering at a youth camp in Romania.

Before Bethany, I felt very hopeless about my future. Today, life looks a lot brighter than it did a year ago.

I have cultivated a great network of friends, started a new job at a high-end hotel in Edinburgh which I really enjoy and I am speaking to my family a lot more these days. Thanks to Bethany, I now live in a new flat in Granton which even has a fantastic view of the Firth of Forth and Fife! When I first moved in 3 weeks ago, the flat was very empty and didn’t even have carpets; but with Bethany’s help, I’ve been given the tools and resources to make this house a home. They have helped me with painting, decorating and have continued to provide me support through follow-on services. For the first time in over a year, I am in a place that feels like a home. You can’t put a price on that feeling.