I was adopted at a very young age by a loving Christian family. We went to church every Sunday, but despite this upbringing, I rebelled during my teenage years. At 17, I insisted on meeting my biological mother. That meeting, unfortunately, led me on a path of self-destruction.

Upon meeting my mother, I found out that she really didn’t care about me. She was very cold and was unwilling to provide me with answers to questions that had plagued me for years.

To make matters worse I found out that I had brothers and sisters that she had decided to keep. With this sense of rejection, I started drinking, doing drugs and mixing with the wrong crowd. I was completely out of control and it didn’t take long before I became homeless.

One day at the Care Van someone mentioned Bethany House and I eventually managed to get a place there. It was a very difficult time of my life and what I remember most is that there was always someone I could talk to at the House. Many staff members had experienced addiction and homelessness.  Speaking to them gave me hope that change was possible.

My experience has given me a real heart for people who are homeless or struggling with addiction.

Now, I want to give back because people in the street need to know that people care for them.

Having come through the other side of homelessness and addiction I want to share my story. I believe that God can change anyone, regardless of where they have come from.

It’s been a real privilege for me to start volunteering at the Care Van, it’s such a rewarding experience. People in the streets just need a little bit of help and compassion.