What are your fondest holiday memories? Building sandcastles with your dad on a beautiful beach? Making new friends playing in the hotel pool? Or snuggling up in front of the fire in your holiday cottage with a hot cuppa and a good read on a dreich Scottish summer’s day?

Summer holidays should be a time to relax, to have new experiences, to build positive memories with family.

However, for some children and young adults, summer is far from this. Tensions run high within families, relationships break down, insecurities heighten and futures seem bleak even when the sun is shining. Just imagine the frustration of a parent struggling to pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads, who can’t give their children a holiday or any kind of childcare during the school break.

Every summer for the past 6 years, thanks to your generous donations, we’ve partnered with Hopscotch Holidays to give the children of families we support a holiday to remember. The children who enjoy these residential breaks wouldn’t be able to go on holiday otherwise.

One girl last year told our staff, “Before you go on Hopscotch you feel bad, then you go on it and you feel good about everything, you make friends! I’m going to take my photos of the holiday and show everyone at school.”

You can read about one child, Ewan, and his summer holiday story here.

Please help us to create more such fond holiday memories for our Bethany kids this summer.

Thank you.