Interning is often associated with the idea of making endless cups of tea for everyone in the office as well as countless trips to the printer every hour.

At Bethany, interning takes a different approach, giving more responsibility to those involved and ensuring that interns are given a positive and hands-on experience. Recently, we sat down with intern Antonia Voigt to talk about her time here at Bethany.


Why did you choose Bethany?

I chose Bethany Christian Trust because I had volunteered for the organisation these past two years and overall my experience was positive. I also share Bethany’s values which meant I could identify with the organisation more easily which made me feel integrated right from the start.  

What aspects of your volunteering experience with us did you enjoy and why?

It’s hard to choose one aspect! I enjoyed the overall experience as, in most cases, it was something new every day. I could learn and apply knowledge I previously learned – this meant it was never boring! I liked the events planning, volunteer training and supervision, data analysis and volunteer recruitment. They all gave me experience and insight into a new and different aspect of working life. 

How do you feel your time with Bethany was beneficial and what did you learn?

My time at Bethany has been very beneficial. I have learned new things about myself, my ambitions for the future, Bethany Christian Trust, the charity sector as a whole and I have gained an insight into practical aspects of HR and volunteer management. 

What is the most significant thing you are taking away with you from your internship?

The most significant thing I am taking away with me from this internship is a deeper understanding of volunteer recruitment and volunteer supervision. 

What would you change about your volunteering experience with us?

I had to think about this one for a while as my experience has been so positive. From my experience, Lynne did an amazing job in training me and gradually giving me more responsibility. Her leadership and management were efficient and always conveyed a calm, trusting and open atmosphere. 

Would you be keen to volunteer again and why?

I definitely would volunteer again because my experience has been really positive!