Ann moved into Bethany House in June 2015 when her partner left her and she could not continue to pay the rent to a private landlord.

‘When I moved into Bethany house I was beyond depressed. I was crushed, defeated, weary. My room became my haven, a place of comfort and Bethany house a real bolt-hole for me. Four women sharing a flat and bathroom and living together is a real tour de force. Jackie was my support worker, my go-to person and she was fabulous, so precise where I’m so slapdash.

I changed in my 14 months with Bethany House. I was really impressed by the place and I made the most of all the support I was offered. I claimed ownership over my own circumstances, unbelievable, I was broken but not today, I’ve been changed by the experience.’

Ann moved on to her own Council tenancy in September 2016. ‘The only thing I miss about being rich is how I used to smell of French perfume. I’ve been rich but you don’t learn as much about yourself when you’re rich you just smell better. However little you may have there is a dignity in having your own, a little that’s just yours. I had nothing and now this place is mine. I will never give up a property again.

I’m very fond of Bethany and have a great deal of gratitude to them. I was spoilt rotten on the holiday and I loved Christmas at Bethany House. Rachael made date putting, you should sell it! The place was really pleasant and not sad. It can be a time of family dysfunction. Yet, you put all these dysfunctional people together and it was just right.

My new support worker and I did a recce to Gilmerton Community Centre and I still go to church. I now go to Jesus Club each week on a Tuesday night (Christianity Explored). I’m on the right track with God. He probably thinks I’m a bit tricky but at least I’m trying.’