I am a fine product designer, teacher and workshop facilitator in the jewellery and silversmithing world. I run the Precious Metals Workshop providing tools, courses and access for creative individuals.

It is important for me to know where my materials come from. I have been to the mines in Potosi, Bolivia, and experienced first-hand the horrors that are the daily realities for third world country civilians who have no choice other than to mine to survive.

I cannot simply carry on buying precious metals. With this knowledge I’ve pledged that, where possible, I and the PMW will work with recycled silver, which for now is at least a step in the right direction. Fair Trade and mined precious metals are not yet that easy to get hold of, but as an industry, we are getting there.

I believe that it is the responsibility of all business owners and operators to source morally, ethically and responsibly instead of going for the cheapest, or best if their origins are not in the best interests of the sphere of the operation.

When I was shown the Caring Christmas Trees project I had a little bit of faith in humanity restored. Seeing the responsible farming of trees and help being given to the homeless, I was actually filled with the right kind of Christmas joy and wanted to be involved.

Making the connection to one of the bits of work I had done in the past of Christmas tree earrings made from recycled silver, I got in touch to see if we could build a bridge and further the help that goes to the homeless that Bethany Christian Trust provide. I was delighted when the CCT project got back I touch and said they were interested in what I had proposed.

My range of recycled silver Christmas tree earrings and tree decoration where 100% of the profits go to the CCT social enterprise for combatting homelessness.

No matter how small this act, I hope my part here can make a positive difference to those who are in need this Christmas. If this message can in any way inspire others or make them think about their choices, then this is a continued success grown on the back of others responsible choices.